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Hello, and welcome  when I started this page in 1998,its focus was on the Santa Fe Stockton Tower. As we all know the Santa Fe was subsequently merged into the Burlington Northern System. On January 12,1999 the Tower passed into history when it was closed by Burlington Northern.

Since December of 2000 I had been living in Maine, and in October of 2005 made the decision to return to the West  and am now living in Stockton, Calif. The focus on this page has also shifted to other areas of the country, in addition to Calif and Nevada.

 With the advances in Video Technology and the tremendous leaps in Computer CPU speed I have decided to start digitizing some of the video footage that I have shot over the last 5 years. The older photos will be left on line and eventually rescanned into higher resolution files.

I am also a member of the Western Pacific Railroad Museum at Portola Calif, and  am also a member of the Strategic Air and Space Museum 
in Nebraska as I proudly served in the old "Strategic Air Command".

The picture at the right was taken at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum at Portola in mid August 2005, click on the picture to read the story behind what made this little fellows visit real special.

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