American Rail Transportation
UP 7023 Vs. Pickup Truck

UP 7023 was moving past the detector at Milepost 55.5 on the Fresno Subdivision when they came upon a Pickup truck sitting across the tracks. MP 55.5 is roughly Elk Grove in the area between Grant Line Road and the CA Highway 99 Grade separation. The Audio Clip for the crew reporting the incident can be listened to by clicking on the picture. The good news on the incident is the vehicle was unoccupied. The official story is some teenagers were out 4 wheeling in their new truck when they got high centered on the tracks and were unable to move off the Right of Way. They abandoned the truck and ran well before the train arrived. The photo on this page was taken by Paul DeRouen who lives in the area. Click on the photo for the sound clip of the communication between the Dispatcher and the crew of the UP 7023. Or you can click HERE The clip is in Windows Media (.wma) format.

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